Acute Pain Team

Download and email a completed referral form.

The Acute Pain Nurse Specialist is available Monday-Friday 08:30-16:30, and can be contacted via bleep or telephone for more urgent referrals / advice.

Outside of these hours, advice and support is provided by the Critical Care Outreach team on bleep 3101 or the on-call Anaesthetist on bleep 0005.

Lung Cancer MDT

mdt multidisciplinary

Referrals should be made using the online electronic referral form.

This should be followed up by a dictated consultant 2ww referral letter to the Respiratory consultants.

Neuro-Oncology MDT

mdt multidisciplinary

Refer patient to Neurosurgery at UHCW using the online referapatient system.

Email a completed Neuro-Oncology MDT referral form by 12:00 on Thursday for discussion on Friday.

Complete a PACS Request for transfer of images to UHCW if patient has NOT previously had any imaging at UHCW.


cancer unknown primary mdt multidisciplinary

Download, complete and email the CUP MDT referral form to the generic SWFT MDT email address.

Complete a PACS Request for transfer of any imaging performed at other Trusts to Warwick for review by the MDT.

MDT Referrals

generic mdt multidisciplinary

For detailed information regarding all MDT referrals, please refer to the MDT Referrals Guide

There are specific referral processes / forms for Lung Cancer, Neuro-Oncology and Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) MDTs - use the search box to find details.

For all other MDT referrals, download and complete the generic MDT referral form.

Failure to fully complete all parts of the form risks rejection and delays in MDT discussion.

Email the completed form to the generic SWFT MDT referrals email.

Include the name of the specific MDT being referred to in the subject line of the email and cc. the consultant responsible for making the referral.

It is good practice for a consultant-to-consultant referral letter to be dictated as well — this is mandatory for Hepatobiliary MDT referrals.


psychiatry arden mental health overdose

Complete an online referral form.

Urgent referrals should be discussed via telephone with the co-ordinator in the Admin Office at the Caludon Centre or the AMHAT practitioner at Warwick.


dvt pe pulmonary embolism deep vein thrombosis warfarin doac

Referrals to Anticoagulation Clinic should be made online via Evolve (e-records) Fill in a Form > Haematology > Anticoagulation Referral Form.

Patients newly commenced on a DOAC should have an APC checklist (available from the Documents page) completed and e-mailed to their GP.

Pregnant patients with VTE should NOT be referred to Anticoagulation Clinic → refer directly to Haematology Obstetric Clinic via dictated letter to Dr Arbuthnot.



Monday-Friday 08:00-18:00 refer via bleep to cardiology CNS / ACP.

Outside of these hours, for inpatient review on the next normal working day, send a referral via email.

If you are discharging a patient from ED or the medical take out-of-hours, and they need URGENT outpatient cardiology review / follow-up, complete a referral form on e-records Fill a Form > Cardiology > ACP Admission Avoidance Clinic.

Non-urgent referrals for an outpatient clinic appointment (with a Cardiology Consultant) can be requested by dictating a referral letter to the relevant Consultant or by emailing a detailed referral (including the name of the referring Consultant) to

For more details see the Cardiology Outreach Pathway.


medical endocrine endocrinology

Complete the online referral form for routine referrals.

For more urgent referrals, Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00, bleep the Diabetes Nurse Specialist (DNS).

DNS provide routine daily in-reach to AMU and will see patients discharged out-of-hours in AEC at 11:00 on the next normal working day.

During weekends and bank holidays, DNS are available from 08:00-14:00 via mobile.

The Diabetes InReach Consultant can also be contacted for advice and referrals Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00 via switchboard.

  • Diabetes Referral Form
  • 2141 (DNS) / 2122 (Diabetic Foot Nurse)
  • 07775 012 696 (DNS W/E & BH)
  • 5136 (Endocrine SpR)
  • ext. 4150 / 8375 (Avon Ward)
  • ext. 8244 / 6883 (Secretaries)

Critical Care & ITU


Critical Care Outreach (CCOR) should be contacted for support with deteriorating patients who are for escalation or for initiating CPAP / BiPAP

ITU Consultant can be contacted by telephoning ITU or via switchboard.

  • 3101 (CCOR)
  • 0002 (CCP / SpR)
  • ext. 4261 / 4343 (ITU)


elderly care medical geriatrics gerontology

Based on Nicholas (Frailty Assessment Area) and Fairfax (Acute Frailty Unit) wards.

Provide in-reach and comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) to ED.

Refer to the Frailty ACPs, Monday-Friday 08:00-20:00, patients aged > 75 years (> 65 if in long-term residential care) with at least one of the following frailty indicators:

  • falls (without fracture requiring orthopaedic intervention)
  • dementia and / or delirium
  • from 24h care facility or with maximal package of care at home
  • new immobility or generalized weakness
  • 2156 / 1115 (ACPs)
  • 07789 845 003
  • ext. 8658 / 8659 (FAA)
  • 07545 925 695 (Frailty Physio)


surgical ear nose throat

Bleep the ENT SHO Monday-Friday, 08:00-16:00

Outside of these hours, ENT is covered by the General Surgery SHO on bleep 4117.

  • 5124 (SHO)

General Surgery


Bleep the General Surgery SHO On-Call.

Alternatively, contact the On-Call General Surgery SpR or Consultant via switchboard.

  • 4117 (SHO)



Complete a Generic Referral Form and send to the Urology Secretaries.

For more urgent advice Monday-Friday 08:00-16:00, bleep the Urology SHO or contact the On-Call Urology Consultant via switchboard.

Outside of these hours, Urology is covered by the General Surgery SHO on bleep 4117.

To arrange a TWOC in the community email Marie Riding at Fittleworth Medical.

  • 4105 (SHO)
  • ext. 4062 / 8138 (Urology Nurse Specialists)
  • ext. 4317 / 4005 (Secretaries)
  • ext. 4358 / 4359 (Hatton Ward)


surgical trauma orthopaedics

Bleep the T&O SHO or SpR.

  • 4131 (SHO) / 8909 (SpR)
  • ext. 6061 / 6062 (Thomas Ward)
  • ext. 6067 / 6068 (Greville Ward)


medical chest

Download, complete and email the Respiratory referral form.

For more urgent referrals, bleep the Respiratory SpR, Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00.

Alternatively, the On-Call Respiratory Consultant can be contacted on Mary ward or via switchboard during these hours.



Complete a Generic Referral Form and email to the Rheumatology Secretaries.

For more urgent referrals, contact the Rheumatology SpR or Consultant, Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00, via the Secretaries or switchboard.



For urgent referrals, Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00, contact the Dermatology SpR via mobile or failing this, the Dermatology Secretaries or Consultant (via switchboard).

Clinical photographs (after obtaining patient consent) can be sent via email to

For further guidance on making a referral and details as to what information is required, refer to the document How to make an inpatient Dermatology referral.

Acute Dermatology ward rounds take place on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Referrals may be seen on the ward, in AEC or in the Jephson Centre.



Referrals should be made to Neurosurgery at UHCW using the online referapatient system.

Urgent referrals should be followed up by contacting the On-Call Neurosurgical SpR via UHCW switchboard on #6132.

If the patient has NOT previously had any imaging at UHCW, complete a PACS Request or, if urgent and during normal working hours, contact the PACS office on ext. 8225 for transfer of images to UHCW.

Out-of-hours, contact ED X-ray on ext. 4038 / 4039 or bleep 6100 for any urgent image transfer requests.

Ensure that the outcome / response to your referral is printed off from referapatient and filed in the medical notes.


medical infectious diseases infection outpatient parenteral antimicrobial antibiotic

Referrals should be made via mobile phone, Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00. More information can be found on the OPAT page.

For consultant advice during these hours, Dr Helen Dillon can be contacted via switchboard.

For urgent Infectious Diseases advice out-of-hours (or if Dr Dillon is not available), contact the On-Call ID SpR at Birmingham Heartlands via their switchboard 0121 424 2000.

  • 07867 506 818


medical cancer

Bleep the Oncology Nurse Specialists, Monday-Friday 07:30-16:30, Saturday-Sunday 08:00-12:00

Specific Oncology Consultants can be contacted via switchboard.

For urgent out-of-hours Oncology advice, contact the On-Call Oncology SpR via UHCW switchboard #6132.

  • 8144
  • ext. 8512
  • ext. 4450 / 8299 (Aylesford Unit)

Stroke & TIA


Bleep the Stroke Nurse Specialist, Monday-Friday 08:30-16:30, Saturday 08:30-15:30 and Sunday 08:30-12:30.

For TIA clinic referrals, download and email the TIA Referral form to UHCW.

Out-of-hours, for urgent Stroke / TIA advice, contact the On-Call Stroke SpR via UHCW switchboard #6132.

FAST +ve patients presenting within 4h of symptom onset should be 'blue-lighted' to UHCW and the On-Call Stroke SpR at UHCW notified once the patient is en-route.

Vascular Surgery


Contact the On-Call Vascular Surgery SpR via UHCW switchboard on #6132.

For urgent on-site support, contact the On-Call Surgical SpR at SWFT via switchboard.

  • ext. 8022 (Secretary)

Tissue Viability


Routine referrals should be made via the online electronic referral form.

For more urgent advice, contact the Tissue Viability Nurse Specialists via bleep or mobile.



Complete a Generic Referral Form, take it to the Machen Eye Unit and discuss the referral with the Nurse Co-ordinator.

  • 8121 (Machen Eye Unit)
  • ext. 4697 / 4501 (Machen Eye Unit)
  • ext. 4171 / 4290 (Secretaries)

Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

therapies pt ot

Bleep for rapid Physiotherapy and / or Occupational Therapy referrals for patients in ED and assessment areas, 08:30-16:30, 7 days a week.

Outside of these hours, the on-call Physiotherapist can be contacted via switchboard for emergency situations only.

When referring patients after a fall, please ensure that any imaging has been reviewed to exclude fractures and that the patient is receiving adequate analgesia.



Download, complete and email a referral form or for more urgent advice, contact the Dietetics department via telephone.

Palliative Care

medical hospice dying end of life

Download, complete and email the relevant referral form (acute inpatient or community).

For more urgent advice / support, Monday-Friday 08:30-16:30, phone the Specialist Palliative Care Nurses or contact the Palliative Care Consultant via switchboard.

For urgent referrals at weekends and bank holidays, from 09:00-17:00 contact iPSA on 01926 600 818 or from 17:00-09:00 contact Myton Hospice on 01926 492 518.

Further information and guidance, including the Rapid Home to Die (CHC Fast-Track) process and documentation, is available on the Specialist Palliative Care & End of Life intranet page.


medical endoscopy nutrition peg ogd ibd

For urgent advice / referrals during normal working hours, bleep the Gastroenterology SpR or contact the Gastroenterology Consultant on Castle Ward.

Urgent inpatient OGDs during normal working hours, contact Endoscopy to find out which Consultant has a list that day. Discuss the referral directly with that consultant and once agreed, take a completed Inpatient Gastroscopy Booking Form to Endoscopy.

To request an urgent OGD out-of-hours, contact the on-call Endoscopist via switchboard.

Outpatient OGDs can only be booked by consultants online via Evolve (e-records) > Fill in a Form > Endoscopy > Endoscopy Booking Form-Gastroenterology.

Orofacial Surgery

surgical maxillofacial max fax dentistry

Routine referrals should be discussed during normal working hours with the department and a Generic Referral Form submitted to the Secretaries.

For urgent referrals or advice, contact the On-Call Maxillofacial SpR via UHCW switchboard #6132.

  • ext. 4485
  • ext. 4290 / 4154 (Secretaries)

Cardiothoracic Surgery


For urgent referrals or advice, contact the On-Call Cardiothoracic SpR via UHCW switchboard #6132.

Genitourinary Medicine

medical GU HIV infectious STI infection

During normal working hours, contact the On-Call GUM Consultant via switchboard.

Sexual Health Clinics are based at Stratford-upon-Avon, George Eliot Hospital and Rugby.

For HIV advice during normal working hours, contact Dr Helen Dillon via switchboard. Out-of-hours, contact the On-Call ID SpR at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital via their switchboard 0121 424 2000.

  • 0300 123 6644 (Sexual Health Clinics)

Renal Medicine

medical dialysis kidneys nephrology

For urgent renal advice / referrals, including transfer of patients requiring dialysis, contact the On-Call Renal SpR at UHCW on #6132.

For routine referrals, contact the Renal Secretaries at UHCW and send a Generic Referral Form.

Some of the renal consultants hold weekly satellite clinics at Warwick and may agree to see ward referrals on the day of their clinic.

  • 02476 968 290 / 315 (Secretaries)



For urgent advice / referrals during normal working hours contact the On-Call Haematology SpR / Consultant.

For routine referrals complete a Generic Referral Form and send to the Haematology Secretaries.

For urgent advice / support out-of-hours, contact the regional On-Call Haematologist via switchboard.

  • ext. 8989 (SpR)
  • ext. 4205 / 4206 (Lab)
  • ext. 4207 / 4181 (Transfusion)
  • ext. 8391 (CNS)
  • 8131 (CNS)
  • ext. 3135 / 3134 / 3132 (Secretaries)



For urgent advice / referrals contact the On-Call Neurology SpR at UHCW via their switchboard #6132.

For routine referrals complete a Generic Referral Form and send via email to the Neurology Secretaries at UHCW.

Neurology clinics are held at Warwick on Tuesdays and Thursdays, ward referrals may be seen on these days.


diagnostics Electrophysiology EEG Nerve Conduction Studies Electroencephalogram NCS electromyogram emg

Outpatient EEG (Electroencephologram), NCS (Nerve Conduction Studies) and EMG (Electromyography) are available at UHCW.

Download, complete and email the relevant request form to the Neurophysiology Department.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

surgical O&G women pregnancy

For Gynaecology referrals, bleep the Gynae SHO or SpR.

The Obstetric SpR can be contacted via mobile through switchboard.

  • 5122 (Gynae SHO)
  • 0011 (Gynae SpR)
  • ext. 4559 / 4540 (EPAU / Beaumont)
  • ext. 4547 / 4548 (Maternity / Swan)


diagnostics virology infectious diseases antimicrobial antibiotics

A Microbiologist is currently available on-site for advice Monday-Friday, 11:00-12:30 and 15:00-16:00.

  • ext. 4185
  • 02476 965 426 / 428 (UHCW Microbiology)
  • 02476 965 468 (UHCW Virology)

Nuclear medicine

diagnostics vq v/q bone scan pulmonary embolism pe pet

To request a V/Q scan, isotope bone scan or PET-CT scan, download and complete a request form and email to Nuclear Medicine at UHCW.

Provided the patient has a normal CXR and is stable enough to travel to UHCW, V/Q scans are the preferred investigation for suspected PE in:

  • patients aged < 35 years
  • pregnant patients
  • patients with severe renal impairment (eGFR < 30mL/min)
  • patients with known contrast allergy


diagnostics x-ray xray scan ultrasound uss ct mri imaging

All radiology requests should be made through Lorenzo.

Urgent requests during normal working hours should be discussed with the relevant Consultant Radiologist. The relevant imaging department or Radiology Secretaries can help you identify which consultant is responsible for each imaging modality on any given day and time.

The Duty Admin Lead can be contacted on mobile to provide further advice and assistance when trying to book / request scans.

Outside of normal working hours, including at weekends and on bank holidays, contact the Duty Radiologist via switchboard to discuss urgent requests.

  • ext. 4038 / 4039 (ED X-ray)
  • 6100 (ED X-ray)
  • ext. 4282 (Main X-ray)
  • 07785 449 930 (Duty Admin)
  • ext. 6993 / 4191 (CT)
  • ext. 4430 / 4679 (MRI)
  • ext. 6882 / 6887 / 4696 (US)
  • ext. 4196 (Secretaries)


diagnostics cardiology medical measurement 24-hour 24h holter ambulatory blood pressure echocardiogram loop recorder pacemaker check aicd ILR device interrogation

Cardiac investigations including pacemaker / device checks and interrogations are performed by Medical Measurement.

Outpatient Echocardiograms are requested through Lorenzo.

Outpatient 24-72h ambulatory ECG (Holter), 24h ambulatory BP monitoring, Pacemaker checks and loop recorder interrogations are requested through Evolve (e-records) Fill in a Form > Cardiology > Cardiovascular Investigations Referral Form / Cardiac Device Check Request.

  • ext. 4127 / 4442
  • ext. 4789 (Bookings)

Substance Misuse

alcohol drugs abuse dependence withdrawal IVDU heroin methadone opioids opiates

Our Substance Misuse Practitioner (SMP) can be contacted via mobile, Monday-Friday, 08:00-16:00.

Outside of these hours, download, complete and email a referral form.

For more information and guidance see the Substance Misuse page.

Speech & Language Therapy

therapies SLT SALT swallow dysphagia dysphasia

Refer to SLT for assessment and treatment advice for patients with swallowing or communication difficulties.

  • ext. 4759
  • 6142

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